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DRIP OF LIES // Failure CS

finally available. first batch of hand-assembled cassettes limited 50 copies.
12PLN // 3€ + shipping.

the 12″ LP version is available on Contraszt! Records and Trująca Fala



NEW! – distro section right here. for now, we have some stuff from Gafas Del Rigor Cassettes (DE) and 0-22 Records (PL). these will also be available at the webstore.

quick update after the tour // the remaining copies of ASN006 and ASN007 (more info and photos in the ‘releases’ section) are now available through assonance records’ webstore:


16 marca 2012, godz. 20.00, Budynek Laboratorium CSW
kurator: Paweł Sky | STREFA

* wstęp wolny

Zespół od 2007 roku podąża krętą drogą nieskrępowanych muzycznych eksperymentów, łącząc w spójną całość różne skrajności: shoegaze’ową przestrzeń z dusznym noisem, matematyczne łamańce z psychodeliczną, transową improwizacją, polimetryczne zagrywki z surowym hardcore’owym uderzeniem. Wszystko to zespolone rozhisteryzowaną grą saksofonu oraz wizualizacjami tworzonymi na żywo.

Zespół występował dotychczas min. na festiwalach Open’er w 2010 czy Off w 2011 roku.

Patroni medialni koncertu:,,

  • MERKABAH will be performing live with EFEKT MOOZGU & RADIO ERROR on 29/02 at kosmos kosmos, warsaw.
  • two new releases are in works: VIOLENT ACTION‘s self titled 7 inch (this will be a special “cold winter tour” edition on a 3″ cdr as a pre-premiere for the actual 7″) + YOU ARE WRONG // demo #1 (also on 3″ cdr). both will be available on VIOLENT ACTION’s mini tour with DRIP OF LIES.

  • also, it’s worth to mention that LANDSCAPE OF MY FLESH // the light tracer and the gold pressing of MERKABAH // lyonesse are both completely sold out. thank you.

ECHTHROS // Iyov is finally out!
from now on, the album will be available at assonance records’ webstore (link), at shows supported by us and from the artist himself.

check out the music below. additional photos are available in the ‘releases’ section.

new stuff to come:

  • echthros // iyov will be available in few days – check out the music here. you can pre-order it at our webshop.
  • the artwork for merkabah’s first full lenght is almost complete (check 2 posts below). more info on the release date – soon.

forge of clouds // s/t and landscape of my flesh // the light tracer are both almost completely sold out (2 or 3 copies left). also, there’s only a handful of the gold print version of merkabah // lyonesse. you can still get one of these from here.


facebook event page

Klubojadalnia Eufemia
21:00 // 15PLN

sneak peek for Merkabah’s new album artwork:

also, the band will play a few shows with some nice guests here and there:

– 01/02 // with uSSSy (RUS), JARS (RUS) // Klubojadalnia Eufemia
– 27/02 // with Radio Error (PL) // TBA
– 16/03 // Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Zamek Ujazdowski (as part of the “strefa” programme)

brand new stuff from Wounds. get it for free at bandcamp, it’s really worth a listen.